4 Successful Print Marketing Ideas

In a web-driven business world, it’s easy to overlook print as still being an effective player in the marketing game. But the print media line item shouldn’t fall off your annual budget just yet. These five old but gold best print marketing ideas could provide the boost your mailing strategy needs.

4 Successful Print Marketing Ideas

Birthday cards
No outreach is more personal than sending a birthday card to your customers. Even if you only know their birthday month, this single contact alone can fulfill several missions:

• It tells the customer you know them
• It creates top of mind awareness (especially if it’s a customer you haven’t made contact with in a while)
• It gives you a sales opportunity (consider providing a gift certificate or coupon as a birthday gift)
• It helps keep your CRM up-to-date (returned cards will usually give you an updated address)
You can print cards that look just like ones you’d buy off the shelf, but with your logo inside. Instead of a generic greeting, you can opt for a joke and high-quality image that makes sense to your industry.

Last but not least, make sure you hand-sign – it looks more personal. When volume prevents hand-signing, try a nice cursive font that is easy to read.

Branded Items
You can print your name on anything from magnets and buttons to large format signs. You need a strategy that enables your promotional items to sell for you. For the best print marketing, think about these four things when choosing your items.

• The items you choose should make sense for your business.
• Where it’s a sign in your grocery store or a magnet handed out at a trade-show, keep the message clear.
• Items that have a long shelf life will make more impressions (no disposables).
• Decide who is worthy of receiving the item (the greater the customer value, the more you can afford to spend on an item).

Embellished post cards
Anyone can send a colorful postcard in the mail. But if you really want to stand out, dress up flat cardstock with something that spurs action.  High-grade glossy cardstock or detachable coupons will make people want to put their hands on your promotion.

If you cater to a highly local market, consider printing your postcard with an image of a popular hot spot people will recognize. At the very least, it will grab their attention.

People love something for nothing. Include a coupon for extra incentive to purchase your product if they like it.

What are you sending in the mail these days?

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